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How To Watch ABC iView On Apple T.V !

I guess it won’t be too long before the wonderful catch-up service from the Australian Broadcasting Commission will be available on your actual Television natively. If you don’t know what iView is, it’s one of the most successful “Catch Up” TV services in Australia. There you can watch missed television shows and others that

How to watch iView on Apple TV

ABC iView on Apple TV

have been archived by our National Broadcaster the ABC. Up until recently, you had to watch iView on your computer, iPad. and only audio was available through AirPlay on your iPad. Now with Apple TV installed and combined with your iPad or iPhone you can watch it on your big Screen TV through Wi Fi. The quality and definition is definitely NOT HD, but neither is it on your computer. But It’s great to finally be able to watch it on your T.V with family or friends.

How to watch iView on iPad and Apple TV

Apple TV

How To Watch iView with iPad and Apple TV. Firstly you need an Apple TV, ($129.00Aus) connected to your Telly, (Find out more Here) Then go to your ABC iView app on your iPad, (Correction only iPad) or iPhone. Select your T.V program and then click the little TV icon button bottom right next to the play and volume controls and select your corresponding installed Apple TV from the drop down menu. Loads up and Bammo! iView on your living room TV!

Is there any other way to watch iView on your TV? please let me know if you know.

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  • http://Www.davidbrewster.com David Brewster

    As far as I can see on the app store, there is no iview app for the iPhone, so this development – which is welcome – is only really available to iPad owners. I’d love to be corrected on that.

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Yes you are right David! thanks for pointing that out. I guess they decided that it was too hard on the iPhone. Will correct. regards Leonie

  • http://www.davidbrewster.com David Brewster

    It’s a pity, because it gives me yet another reason to buy an iPad :)

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Im going to test drive an iPad2 next week :) I held off buying the first iPad for a while (well for me as a total Apple Tragic) but I really love it. Reasons coming up in next blog post!

  • Toni

    I’ve been watching IView on my PC ever since it started, but now It’s totally possible to watch IView on a TV via a PC. At this stage the PC (desktop or laptop) needs to be connected to the TV via a HDMI port, but the boffins are working on a wireless connection. I have my laptop in the lounge room with a short cable running to the TV.

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      I know it’s too much to ask but I just wish it were higher definition, bring on the NBA!

      • Toni

        Nothing wrong with the definition on ours – but we do have a very fast internet connection.

  • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

    A recent question from a reader:

    Hi Leonie

    I enjoyed your article and was hoping to be able to view ABC iView streamed from my
    Ipad_1 through my new Apple TV_2 to my plasma.
    I can play iView on the iPad and see the icon which shows me the option to stream it to the
    Apple TV but after ticking the box it does not work. Videos streamed from my ITunes folder
    play just fine with the icon turning blue as it plays.
    Don’t want to spend too much time with this. Just want to check with you that it is indeed
    possible to stream the ABC iView to my Apple TV.

    Thanks in advance
    Leonie Smith recently posted..6 Essentials For Your Twitter Profile!My Profile

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Hi Chris thankyou for your email. It is indeed able to stream, using the appTV and the iPad. Ensure you have Airplay activated on your Apple TV its under the general settings. when you click the airplay icon on the ipad once youv’e started iView and started playing your selected show. Your apple TV name should show up the first time you want to stream from your iPad to your apple TV it will ask for the password you have set for your apple TV. once you have put that in, you won’t get asked for it again. Be sure to name your apple Tv. I have 2 apple TV’s and both are named differently. Make sure you have selected your apple TV as the input device (usually HDMI) once you have turned on your Telly and have it activated so you can see either then menu or the apple Film store ect…the iPad won’t pick up your Apple Tv unless the Apple TV menus are visible on your Telly. sometimes the Apple TV takes a bit to wake up…press menu a few times to wake it…The setting on the iPad is automatically set to Airplay so you don’t have to activate it there. It just pics up when you have the Apple TV within Range. Be sure you have the iPad and the Apple TV on the same wireless network. I have 2 wireless networks and I know it works better if both are on the same.
      Let me know how you go. I wonder do you mind if I put this on the blog, as it might help others there have been a lot of hits on this story
      regards Leonie
      Leonie Smith recently posted..6 Essentials For Your Twitter Profile!My Profile

  • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

    Got it!

    I hadn’t ‘named” my APTV and presumed that because everything else worked fine
    it must be the ABC app. Named the APTV “Living Room” and voila – works fine!. I haven’t put
    a password in but it seems OK.
    By all means put a less “waffley” version of the my problem on your blog and thanks so much for
    your help.

    Any suggestions for apps etc to make the APTV more versatile?

    Thanks again & best regards
    Leonie Smith recently posted..6 Essentials For Your Twitter Profile!My Profile

  • Andrew

    You can also watch iView with the built in Internet TV functions on the newer Sony models.

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Yes I know that, also I think its coming to Xbox and there is talk of an Apple TV coming out one with a screen and it will all be built in. Australia has issues with allowing TV shows on apple TV. Which is rather annoying…you have to stream TV shows from ones downloaded to your computer, you cannot hire or buy TV shows directly from the Apple TV as it stands. And you can’t access any catch up services. Apparently there are a lot more people buying apple TV now and wondering the same thing as I’ve seen this particular post go up to one of my most popular posts lately.

  • Peter H

    Another way, and it is higher quality, is to download the original file from the iview site using the firefox iview add-on. This downloads the MP4 (not flash!), which can be dragged into itunes and viewed on the Apple TV.

    DO NOT PIRATE. Respect the rights of the creators and copyright holders, do not share, and delete it once viewed. In other words, treat it as if you’re watching it on the website! If the service is abused, it will be removed (or copyright holders simply won’t allow iView to add their show). Either way, we all lose!

  • Peter H

    I wish we could subscribe to a feed on a per-show basis, rather than per category!

  • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

    Hi Peter thanks for the tip! The quality of iView very much depends on your bandwidth speed. I’ve found people who have higher bandwidth have much better quality. And actually haven’t subscribed to any of the feeds, but thats a damn good idea!!!
    Leonie Smith recently posted..Good Facebook Landing Page Design Makes Such A Difference!My Profile

  • http://www.xbmc.org XBMC

    Install XBMC on your jailbroken Atv2 then install the iView addon….
    XBMC recently posted..Addon Authors, please prepare for EdenMy Profile

  • Sophia

    It is great and thank you, This convenience would cause more APPLE owner, just like me, :D
    Sophia recently posted..Forex Robots Are DangerousMy Profile

  • Annie

    Ive managed to get iview to work via Apple TV but the picture is tiny… Any ideas how to make it bigger?

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      You may need to go into your TV settings to change the aspect. Does the Apple TV work fine with other programs?

  • Scotty A

    So, can I watch iView with a Mac or is this exclusive to iPad running the ABC ivew app?

    Are there other systems that allow you to watch tv via your computer without having to plug a VGA or HDMI cable direct from the computer to the TV?



    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Hi Scotty, Yes you can watch iView on any browser on a Mac or a PC. This is just a way to watch it on T.V via the Apple TV. I have heard of other T.V’s that show iView natively they are new, but I don’t know which ones. Ask at your local Electronics Store. You can also use an iPhone to stream iView to your T.V also.

  • Daniel

    Playstation 3 comes with a native app installed to watch iview along with SBS online, channel 7′s version and some other content. It also has a blueray player inbuilt, USB, internet browsing, WiFi, a hard drive and it can see all the content on your pc. Pictures, movies and music. If something doesn’t stream well I just copy it to the PS3 hard drive… Oh and it plays games but I never get time for that.

    • Scotty A

      Thanks for your reply Daniel. I had done some further research and decided that, yes, Playstation is the most efficacious (is that even a word?!) solution for this. ‘issue’. My only dilema now is should I wait for the next generation.

  • Susan

    Hi. I have an Ipad and an Apple TV and have just started using Iview but decided the picture quality on Apple TV is too bad and decided to go back to viewing on my IPad but can now only get audio – starts with vision then cuts out and I get sound only. What on earth have I done. I’ve tried a few different program’s -all the same.
    Suggestions please ?

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      It’s a bug, and often happens if you have a slow connection. Try turning your iPad on and off, or re-download it. The other thing is that I’ve noticed when I stream iView to my iTV it gets gradually better quality if you leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Also the older iPads do not run iView as well and fast as the newer ones. My old iPad 1 is very buggy. My new series 4 iPad is much better. To reinstall, press finger on the app until cross comes up on the corner and press cross, then go to the App store on your iPad and search and re-download.

  • Sarah

    I have an iPad and Apple TV and have used the TV icon to play iView through my TV. But for some reason the icon doesn’t always appear as an option. Any idea why that could be?

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      The TV icon won’t appear if the Appl TV isn’t engaged, or on or isn’t connected to the internet. If you press the menu button on the Apple TV it should connect and show the TV icon. The TV icon on any Apple device will only show up if another device is connected to the same Wi Fi.

  • Sarah

    Thanks Leonie! I think I may have inadvertently used the wrong terminology. I meant that we watch iView on Apple TV via AirPlay. Sometimes the symbol is available, and sometimes it’s just not – even when Apple TV is engaged and ready. Do you have any thoughts on why that could be? Is the airplay symbol the same as what you’re calling the TV icon? Both iPad and Apple TV are connected to the same wifi.

  • Bill

    How simple. Thanks for making it so easy with one touch of a button (icon) on the iPad as you described. Thank you Leonie.