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About Leonie Smith

Leonie Smith is a Social Media Consultant and Cyber Safety Expert who gives expert advice to business on social media and online marketing. Digital Breezes is a fully integrated Social Media consultancy. From set up, design, content creation and training we cover it all. Her clients benefit by receiving the latest training on Social Media marketing, whilst learning how to keep their and their employees online personal data separate. Leonie consults with business on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+ and more. Leonie is also known as "The Cyber Safety Lady" http://www.thecybersafetylady.com www.twitter.com/_LeonieGSmith Facebook: www.facebook.com/LeonieGabrielleSmith

  • Luis

    Hi Leonie, thx for the post.
    However and due facebook updates, i can´t find that “Edit friends”… and the “Mobile friends contacts”..
    Some facebook users are in troubles with the Facebook Messenger app, cause they have use it and after remove it from mobile phone, they still are avaliable on phone. Maybe you can help with this issue..
    There is a Facebook page related with this: Mobile Icon FB Messenger..
    Fell free to visit us. Thanks in advance.

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      You can delete your mobile phone number now by going to account settings, there is a mobile tab on the left side, click that and delete your phone number if it is in there. You can also get to it via your profile on the left hand side where pictures of your friends are, there is an edit menu under the little pen that shows up when you click that, it also shows up under contact. Facebook do like to keep us all on our toes by changing the settings constantly.

  • http://knowitfrom.blogspot.com vigneshraj

    I was wondering how to remove facebook page via mobile and ended up in this page.. Now i know how to remove phone numbers.. Thanks..
    vigneshraj recently posted..5 ways to promote infographicsMy Profile

  • Tricia

    how can I remove my phone off facebook

    • http://www.thecybersafetylady.com.au/ Leonie Smith

      Not sure what you mean. This post is a few years old, but still shows you how. just go to your profile and edit your information.