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How To Design A Great Facebook Fan Page Profile Picture


Why bother with a Profile Pic?

Do you have a Facebook Page for business or for your brand, do you have an accompanying profile picture that “sells” your brand and makes you instantly recognisable as a “switched on professional social media savvy player”, or does your profile pic on your Facebook page look like a limping loser pic that no one will remember and that will sadly reflect badly on your business?

The worst profile pics are ones that have no impact and give no clear indication of who you are, or what your brand is about. You definitely do not want a Page profile pic that is poorly designed and poorly rendered…ie pixelated and blurry. Ugly can work if its done for a laugh but be very careful.

When you first create your Facebook business or fan page you definitely need to create a profile pic (shame on you if you haven’t, the default avatar is for losers…). If you have taken the time (and I suggest you do) to have visited other F.B business/fan pages you may have observed that the profile pic, can be one of the most under-utilised pieces of prime real estate on Facebook. With more than 800 million active users on Facebook it’s worth your while to design this properly.

How To Design A Profile Picture:

Your profile pic for a Page, doesn’t have to be a picture of your face, unless your brand is you! And many page owners don’t realise that you can have a profile pic that is 200px wide by 200px in length max .

If you are not much of a designer, pay to have one designed by a professional, the upfront costs are nothing compared to the amount of visibility Facebook pages can draw compared to an add in a magazine not too mention the interactivity and click throughs!

Think of your profile pic as your logo and your brands profile.


The All Important Thumbnail!

Positioning The Thumbnail

Positioning The Thumbnail

You need to make sure that as part of your profile pic design that there is a 200 by 200px section of your profile pic that can be used as your thumbnail/logo when its reduced to that size by default to 200 x 200px by design. This is the thumbnail that shows up on your wall and everyone else’s walls and also on their favourite page list. If you don’t design the thumbnail wisely and have it properly sized, it can be a total wasted opportunity for your business’s branding. Your page’s profile pic thumbnail is the icon that is seen all over Facebook by thousands of people as they read their walls and those of their friends. If your thumbnail is illegible, or not recognisable, your brand will never be noticed, and if it’s poorly designed or not fitted properly within the fixed proportions it will look amateur and unprofessional.

Be aware that once a fan has “liked” your page, it is very, very unlikely they will ever return to your page again, no don’t cry…that’s how its meant to be! From now on your “likers” will get your updates on their walls, showing your all important logo/brand thumbnail on the left of it.

For your page profile pic, it isn’t really important where the 200×200 px thumbnail is allowed for, it can be at the top or middle or bottom of the profile because you can place the thumbnail scale (see above) anywhere on the profile pic once the pic is uploaded to your page profile, just by moving the pic around till it fits. Note: when your friends or fans run their cursor over your thumbnail on their wall, the thumbnail will double in size and be more legible so check that particular view point also.

The best profile pics I’ve seen go from the very very simple, with just great design, to a profile like mine that has a pic of me…(I’m the brand) a bit of information on it and the website address. As Facebook doesn’t give you much space to describe your services you can use your profile pic to add more about you and your services, especially if you are not well known.

The next post I will do is on Facebook Landing Pages, and keeping that in mind when thinking about designing your profile pic, it’s important to note that if you do decide to have a Facebook Landing page as well, (more on that later) not to double up…have something different but complimentary, on your Landing page and profile pic, use the limited space wisely.

See Mine In Action – www.facebook.com/digitalbreezes

What is your favourite design for a Facebook Profile Pic? Please leave some links in the comments!

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