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How To Change Your Facebook Fan Page Name

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

How to Change Your Facebook Page Name

Did you make a mistake with naming your Facebook Fan Page?

Normally you can only change the name of your Facebook Fan Page if you have under 200 likes, Click Here but if you already have over 200 likes for your page there is there is a work-around.

You can now change your Facebook Page Name, BUT A WARNING: don’t make a mistake, Facebook will only give you one chance!

When you go to the link it will ask for your current page name and then your Desired Page name, so make sure you get it right!

You have a choice of reasons for name change, if its because your business name has changed they will ask you for documentation which is a bit of a run around so it might be best to say missspelt or other….this is what I got back when I changed mine.


We may be able to assist you with this request. In order to update your Page name, please make sure to provide the following information:

If you selected, “My Page name has changed,” please make sure that you have attached documentation showing your new business name as well as its address. An example of this is a utility or phone bill.

If you selected, “My Page name is misspelled,” sit tight and we will get to your request as soon as possible.

Please note these changes may take up to 3 days to process. We apologize for any inconvenience.


The Facebook Team”

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And yes it took 3 days to change. I had initially had a long Page name and wanted to change it to something shorter.

The instructions below are the same from the link above.



Update: 21st August 2012: The instructions above include changing your username..(vanity url) and the name of your page. You can change both, best to keep both similar, Facebook won’t allow you to change your username or page name more than once. You can’t have more than 200 likes to change your username (url)

Some people have advised that they needed to change their pages category to be able to see the ability to change your Page Name or Url. Edit Page – Update Info – Category – Try using Brands and Products/Products and services.

If your page doesn’t comply with the Guidelines the option to change your pages name will not be available.

Go here to make sure your Page complies with Statement of Rights.

If you have problems with changing your Facebook Page Name you can contact Facebook Page Help Here or Here.


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  • http://onlinevideomarketing.ws/ Dennis O’Brien

    Hi Leonie

    Was it a business name change you were doing? It might be the only way to get a name change.

    If anyone has tried to change it due to a misspelling of your Page Name I’d like to know in the comments. In fact I don’t know why they even have that as a choice. Or perhaps it’s there for “paying” clients only who invest in advertising. Here’s what I got when I tried “Right now we don’t offer personalized functionality or technical support for usernames”.

    Thanks for sharing

    Dennis O’Brien recently posted..Four Things To Remember When Training New RecruitsMy Profile

  • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

    I submitted my business name has changed, I didn’t supply and documents though.
    Leonie Smith recently posted..Timeline For Pages What NOW?My Profile

  • http://onlinevideomarketing.ws/ Dennis O’Brien

    Maybe I will try that approach and see how it works out. Thanks Leonie.
    Dennis O’Brien recently posted..Four Things To Remember When Training New RecruitsMy Profile

  • http://www.tworksdesign.ie Taryn Siwale

    Just wondering, my company is planning to change their business name in the coming months. How long does it take to change the fanpage name when you opt for ‘my business name has changed’ and have to submit documents.

    Many thanks… Taryn

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      It took about 5 working day Taryn for me when I did it. They only allow you to change in once so be careful :)

  • Maci

    Has anyone requested it be changed without supplying any documentation and gotten the request approved? I’m a photographer, but I don’t have a business license yet so I don’t have any documentation.

  • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

    Hi Maci, I believe its a bit easier to do now, but I think you can still only do one change. Let us know how you go?
    Leonie Smith recently posted..When Will There Be A Facebook Backlash?My Profile

  • http://onlinevideomarketing.ws/ Dennis

    I can confirrn what Leonie is saying. After attempting to change mine due to a spelling mistake some time back without success, I was able to do it recently via the settings panel. And yes it is a once only change.


  • http://www.cocon.com federicp

    Hi, but the link doesn’t work! how do I change the name of my fan page that has more than 1500 fans? it’s possible?

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Hi Federicp, Ive updated the links. Follow the instructions and see if it works. Although it says under 200, I did change mine and I had around 2,000. unless they have changed their rules again. Let us know how you go

  • https://www.facebook.com/jovan.traparic Jovan

    I really have problem with page. When I was makeing it i wasn’t thinkig about its name. I made page about Lady Gaga’s tour in Serbia, but she won’t come and i get that this tour will pass and my page will die. So now i wanna change its name. Page is called “Born This Way Ball In Serbia” and now i wanna call it “Gaga In The Focus”. So the link you’ve posted doesn’t work when I click on it. Please help me I’m desperate.

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Make sure you are logged into Facebook when you click the links. The first link gives you instructions on how to change your Page name.

  • https://www.facebook.com/MSSZRMK Nikolina

    Dear Sir,

    I am the admin of this page: https://www.facebook.com/MSSZRMK and I would really like to change it to Real Madrid C.F. Balkan fans. As you may see the page has over 40.000 fans, and I would like if it is possible that the name is shorter (Real Madrid C.F. Balkan fans), but the problem is I don’t know how to contact administration of facebook, and when I click on the last sentence of your text: ” Here to change Your Facebook Page Name: ”, it just sends me on my facebook home page.

    Thank you,

    your sincerely
    Andrijasevic Nikolina

  • @panshop

    Dear Leonie, first of all thanks for posting the information above.

    I must say I tried several times to make the link worked and it didnt.

    Would you double check the address please?

    Best regards,


    PS: u just won a follower =)

  • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

    When you follow the above instructions it will take you to the link I originally posted which is now broken. Just follow the step by step. Make sure you are logged into your Page account, open the Admin panel and then follow step by step.
    Leonie Smith recently posted..When Will There Be A Facebook Backlash?My Profile

  • Cronus

    Hi Leonie, thanks for the guides, i tried to follow but failed.
    There is no blue “Request Change” link appear beside my fanpage name.
    Any idea why so?

    Best Regards

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      The only reason would be maybe you have already changed it?

      • Cronus

        i’d changed it once last time before it reached more than 100 fans (using the normal method allowed by facebook). But since then, i never change it.
        Even i tried your method at my another page which i never change the name before, still the blue link does not appear.

    • joanne

      I ‘ve the same problem. So what should I do, when I don’t have this ‘Request change’ button and I really really want to change the name of my fanpage? I want only to change small letters to the capitol letters…
      And like Cronus I’ve changed once my name when I was under 100fans….

      • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

        See the update on the post for more suggestions to change the name or username of your Facebook Page.

        • https://www.facebook.com/pannapoziomkaphotography joanne

          where I can find this update post?

          • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

            Sorry not sure of your question.

  • Cronus

    Hi all, i found the reason why the blue “Request Change” link did not appear previously and now i’d changed my fanpage name already. It’s because this option only reflect to those who log in FB using a U.S IP. That means if you are not logging in FB within United States, u have to use a proxy setting (do it in your internet browser only) to set to any US IP. Then the link will appear for you to do the name changed.
    Hope this help to all (especially those who are not from US)

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Thanks Cronus, I’m in Australia though and it works for me regardless of my I.P….

  • https://www.facebook.com/DilumandSameera?ref=hl Sanshika Gooneratne

    Please I Really Need To Change the Name,here it says Dilum & sameera,i want to change this as ( Dilum and Sameera) Hope you can help With this


  • http://www.hugofelix.com Hugo

    Hi there Leonie!
    I’m having the exact same problem of some people here… I have a FB fan page with 5000 likes and can’t change the name, because i have that question mark in front of it.
    Since I do not live in the USA I’m trying connect via some proxies, which are slow as hell… I’ve made some tries and still no form.
    Any suggestion? :(
    Best regards.

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Hi Hugo, it sounds like a bug, best to go to the help section in Facebook and put in an enquiry.

  • http://www.facebook.com/oabparatodoschapeco Eduardo Salles

    Hi. I from Brazil and we have a page with a wrong name. The option to request change is not avalable. I need help.

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Follow the instructions on the post to contact Facebook directly to ask why. Thankyou for your question

  • Livier

    I have a musician fan page with just the name, without the last name, everytime i want to convert my profile to a fan page without the last name, appers a sign saying “Our automated system has detected that the name Livier is not same or similar to your profile name Livier Te. Please keep it same or similar and retry.”

    How can i fix this?

    thanks in advance :)

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      I think you need to have the exact same names to change it to a fan page. You might then be able to change it once it’s done.

  • barry

    Hi Leonie,

    I was able to change the facebook.com/… fanpagename, but i can’t change the username of the fanpage to be the same. We have just renamed our company.

    Do you have any advice, tips?


    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      If you go to your info page, If you have changed your user name you can see it at http://www.facebook.com/fanpagename. If you go into your About and edit, you might see this message, next to your Pages name.

      “Changing your Page’s name
      This editing option is only available if fewer than 200 people like your page. More information can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/help/?faq=271607792873806

  • barry

    Hi Leonie,

    Thank you for your quick answer.

    I do see the “200 .. like” message, i was hoping facebook has a way to let us rename our username as well. Now my facebook page has the new business name, but the username is still our old businessname. So everytime i make a comment the old business is shown :(

    We can’t deleted likes ourself, can we? so i have <200 likes


    ps: I used one of your links to get in contact with Facebook, who knows

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      You would have to block the “likers” can’t delete them which would be rather mean…:( Try contacting Facebook and see if they will let you. I really don’t understand why it’s so hard to change a page name, perhaps to prevent folks from building up Pages and then selling them off to anyone I guess.

      • barry

        @leonie to be clear i did manage to change the page name but not the USERNAME. Maybe i can convince Facebook i need the username to be changed, so i can buy the FB promoted ads and have the right username next to it :).
        I’ll Keep you posted

  • Constance

    Where is the link?

  • West

    ‘In order to expedite this process, please upload documentation that clearly shows the name and address of your business’

    when they ask for you to send documentation do they want it addressed to the current business name or to the business name that you desire to change to.

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      You need proof that you own the name of the business you wish to change it to

  • Redwan Islam

    I am really confused what to do, 1st of all i am not from USA but i can request a friend to do it for me, Will that work?? & Its was a business page but now i want to change it to a Entertainment based page.
    & its not official so i have no documents (and not to forget i am not from USA) .. what shell i do now,
    it took me 2 years to get 2800 fans, i dont want or neither have the energy to start over again.

    Is there also another way , by not being a USA based admin??

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Hi Redwan thankyou for your comment. I recommend Kimberley Castleberry. She is a social media consultant in the U.S that has a service to help Facebook Page owners change their Facebook Page name. Please contact her Here http://just-ask-kim.com Please tell her I sent you :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/devilzkrazyphotography Aneesh


    I’ve got my fan page on photography, I’m in need to change my page name to Aneesh Jajodia Photography. Please could any one help me do that? I’d really be thankful. Got over 1300 fans.

    Thank you

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Hi Aneesh, please read the article I hope that helps you. Some are reporting that some countries are unable to have their Page name changed from the country they reside in, you may have to have an admin from the U.S to do this. Hope you have success!

  • Hoai Tieu

    Sorry but i cant find out the link to change my page name ( My page has more than 200 likes ) in this topic.( I’m from Vietnam ), can you show me the link?

  • Sheikh Shallaw Shadallay

    Hi I have a page and I would like to change the name but when i try it doesn’t accept it and I have 184 fans what can I do.