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How To Clean Up Your Facebook Friends List, News Feed and Ticker All In One On Timeline!

Cleaning up your friends

Cleaning up your friends

Now that we are all on Timeline, and with all the extra complications with privacy, now might seem like a good time to clean up your friends list, including what you see of them and what they see of you.

I quite like what is called the “Ticker” down the right side of my Home News Feed, but it does get cluttered up with all sorts of messages that I’m not that interested in, like who is now friends with whom etc… I also decided to utilise the new friends categories a bit better, to filter my posts. (more on this below)

Now seems to also be a good time to clean out all those “friends” I don’t really know, or don’t know at all…and those I don’t care about knowing, and those that never ever speak to me, and look like they are ever going to speak to me. I think I culled about 15 people of my list. I have 2 Facbook Pages anyhow that anyone can go and “like” I have very little interest in collecting a huge swathe of so called, “friends”, its quality NOT quantity for me.

Interesting to NOTE: When you un-friend now, you can’t really un-friend as you used to be able to, your un-friended friend will still be subscribed to your PUBLIC updates, unless you have subscriptions turned off (that’s another post coming up). That is, when you post an update without changing the update settings to go out to “friends” or “friends of friends”.

You can now only prevent ex-friends from seeing your public updates, if you also block that person from your public updates. Un-friending them only means you don’t see their updates any longer, but they can still see your public updates. So if you really don’t want that friend to see anything from you, add them to your block list or go to their profile and block them, (you can also do it from these instructions I’m giving)

While you are cleaning up your friends list, its a good idea to, at the very least, tick off the correct category for that friend, decide if they are a “close friend” a “friend” or an “Acquaintance”. You can also create lists and add them to lists if you want to separate them further into, say “clients” “old school friends” “work colleagues” This helps when you are posting so that you can post about more private things to a select group of friends rather than people you know thru say a networking or work situation.

Here’s how you do it!

First go to your Profile Time line page. And click on your friends tab below your cover pic.

Once its open you will see all your friends listed in picture squares.

Hover your cursor over each friend and a pop-up will come up with a preview of their profile, if you then hover over the Friends tab which turns blue, (see below) or click the tab, a drop down comes up and shows you some lists you may have created, and also how that person is connected to you. If close friends or Acquaintances is not ticked your friend will be listed as a “friend” and subsequently get all your posts. If you click Acquaintances, they will theoretically get less of your personal updates, particularly if you select only to friends when you post generally. Anything more public that you send out to friends AND acquaintances will then go out to them.

The 2nd picture on the right below, shows a list of what type of updates they send you, you can select to receive anything from them including the “so and so just friended so and so” type, or limit the posts to only important updates. The top of the list are the important posts the bottom the less important, according to Facebook.

Clean up your friends list

Clean up your friends list


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