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How To Put The Link To Your Website On Your Facebook Page

Since the update to Timeline, you might have found that your Facebook Page no longer displays your business website address as a hyperlink in the front of your business Page “About” section under your profile pic and Cover pic. This is probably because 1. you may not have included it in your About line, or 2. you have set the category of your business as Local Business and Places.

There is no real advantage to having your business listed as “Local Business and Places”, it was supposed to help you be found easier in search, and provides a link to your shop address in Bing Maps. But having a link directly to your website, an email address and phone number right on that most important section of your page, I think is more important. Your website can certainly display a google map link and all the same info.

Because Facebook are so strict on the Cover Picture design, not allowing any contact information on the Cover pic, this is a great and permanent way to display your contact information and a hyperlinked website address. Most page visitors won’t go to your info section to find out where you are. This way it’s right up front!

How to link your website on your Facebook Page

How to link your website on your Facebook Page


Enter your website addy in the Short Description Box. Be aware you only have 160 digits.

Link Website On Your Facebook Page

Link Website On Your Facebook Page

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  • http://ayleshamcattery.com.au/ Claudia Templeton

    Followed your instructions to change from local business to wesbsites and blogs and it didn’t work.

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    Claudia Templeton recently posted..Cats That Love WaterMy Profile

  • http://www.life-plan-coach.com/ James Mitchell

    I had my business on Facebook listed as a “Local Business,” thinking people would naturally click on “About” to get the contact info.
    I just had a social media consultant call me for a consultation, and suggested this very thing. But, as a person trying to get me to sign on with him, he could have added value to the consult by telling me how to do it (maybe he assumed I knew how?). You have given me the value without the pitch!
    Thanks for the tip!

    Best to you,
    James Mitchell

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      You are very welcome and thankyou for the comment it is appreciated :)

  • http://www.kruger-2-kalahari.com/ Mario Fazekas

    Thank you for this great tip – works like a dream!!! Until yesterday I was using My Webees to link from FB to my website and then My webees announced it was no longer free and we must pay – Leonie to the rescue!
    Mario Fazekas recently posted..Sep 19, A Hippo is startled by a Goliath Heron and takes evasive action to protect her babyMy Profile

  • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

    Great Mario! Glad it worked for you!
    Leonie Smith recently posted..My iPhone 5 ReviewMy Profile

  • http://www.heartconnectedhub.com Anna

    Thank you so much! That was a great help!

  • http://www.facebook.com/digitallivingcy Avramis

    Thank you very much for the tip.
    But i have one question if you could answer:
    How can i change line in the about box??
    In the first line the website address and in the second line a phone number for example.
    Thanx in advance

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Go to About and click edit in the About Box, and add what you need. Thankyou for your question

  • http://corinnerenault.wix.com/nature Corinne

    Hi Leonie, I have followed your advice for my website to appear on the section “about”in my Facebook page: Corinne Renault Photography but my web address doesn’t appear. What am I doing wrong?
    Thank you very much for your assistance

  • http://corinnerenault.wix.com/nature Corinne

    I have finally worked it out. Thanks so much for your information displayed on this blog! Much appreciated!

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith


  • http://www.jebbtools.ie scott jebb

    Thanks very much for these tips, we are working on seo etc and facebook now for our site

  • http://www.kernersvillerentalhomes.com Larry Watson

    Thanks so much Leonie for this tip. I am just getting started with my website, blog and facebook and I was beating myself up trying to figure this one out.

  • http://www.Hypnosis.mn staci smith

    did facebook totally revamp themselves so your info doesn’t work any longer?
    I totally cannot find business or category to change?

    any help?

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      It’s all still there Staci, the Edit button only comes up when you hover over the top right corner of the panel. Hope you can follow the instructions ok.

  • http://www.Hypnosis.mn staci smith

    when i click the edit button i see this ” work and education” nothing about adding a business or category for the business, what am i missing?

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Hi Staci, you are looking at your profile NOT your Business Page. These instructions are for Facebook Pages not profiles.

  • http://www.vitalexercise.com Edward Harrison

    Just want to say thank you, as followed your instructions and it worked first time.

  • http://www.lentil-view.com/ Dorin

    Dear Ms. Leonie Smith,

    Thank you for the help. I followed the instructions and everything was ok. Nice captcha by the way.

    Best of luck,

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Thankyou Dorin :)

  • Rita Glynn Smith

    Hi there – I am having difficulty setting up a client’s company page. In fact, he doesn’t want a personal page at all – just for the company. I thought I was creating his company page, and putting in all the important details, following the instructions – but the field area for his website is not active. I am not listing his business as local business (as you stated above) and have included the categories. What am I doing wrong?

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      As long as you follow the instructions and fill the website address within the first 160 characters in the About info, it will show up. Setting up a company page without a profile has it’s own problems though. You can only then communicate page to page and with people that comment on that Page, I find most people who start out with a company page without a profile linked to it, change it, as it becomes to hard to run the page.

  • http://fossilpower Tina

    Can you tell me how to add a picture or button link to my website on facebook. Like a one click link with a picture?
    Thank you

  • Guest

    THANK YOU! i changed myself to local business & lost my website address on the first page of my fb page —– thanks for helping me get it back!

  • Jeanetmarie Smith

    Thanks. This is exactly the information I was searching for. All the best. Cheers.

  • Keith Johnson

    yes worked, the key is the last step, until then I was a bit stumped. Thanks.

  • Soda Express Houston

    thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Joseph

    Hello Leonie. I followed your instructions how to have my website link showing in my FB front page, but it doesn’t work. Step 5 looks different on my edit page. I have been told that FB might not allow to do this anymore. Help, Thanks

    • http://www.digitalbreezes.com Leonie Smith

      Joseph these instructions are for Facebook Pages not personal profiles. And yes Facebook still allow links in the short description of your Facebook Fan Page or Business Page

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