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When Will There Be A Facebook Backlash?

Will Facebook’s drive for us to share absolutely everything about our lives be the death of it?


It’s not a matter of if there will be a substantial backlash but when, as far as I can tell.

Facebook has just bought a facial recognition company Face.com it seems they determined to make it “easier” for us to be identified on Facebook by our image. You can “sort of” turn off the facial recognition feature in Facebook now, but the Facebook facial recognition settings are cloaked in other terms and not easy to find. Look for “Who sees tag suggestions when photos that look like you are uploaded?”

The last thing any of us wants, is to be identified in a photo that we would rather was not seen publicly, or misidentified in a potentially embarrassing photo. It’s a good idea to turn off the ability for people to identify you in photo’s uploaded to Facebook with facial recognition on Facebook, here’s how.

Google will soon have search by facial recognition they already have search by image. Whether you have a name attached (tagged) to that picture taken of you drunk out of your scone which some “friend” uploaded to Facebook will make no difference. Eventually it will all be searchable on Google, and every piece of information about you will be connected, unless there are some strict privacy regulations put in place, by government.

The Facebook Privacy Settings Tango

The privacy settings on Facebook are already so hidden and so ridiculously complex that to enable or disable all of them in order to have a completely private Facebook profile takes so much time and effort, that the majority of Facebook users don’t have private profiles even when they think they do.

A Private Facebook Profile

A Private Facebook Profile

What does a private profile look like?

A private profile means a profile that doesn’t show any personal information about us to a completely unconnected stranger. For the average Facebook user it is not only difficult to understand what many of the back end privacy settings actually do, but Facebook are constantly adding to the privacy and sharing settings further confusing users.

To see if you do have a private profile like the pic above see my other post on private profiles and to ensure all your private details are not seen publicly.

How Bad Does It Have To Get Before You Will Close Your Account?

If Facebook continue on this path of making it very difficult for us to protect our privacy, over time I predict there will be a strong backlash against Facebook, where users will disable their accounts and will turn away looking for a simpler solution to connect with people they care about.

Kids Might Be The First To Walk Away

In preparation for a recent Cyber Safety talk,  I was told by one of the department heads, that after a recent survey he was surprised to find out that only 3/4′s of the year 9 and 10 class at his school had Facebook accounts activated. He assumed it would be a lot more. It seems that some of the students are opting out of Facebook of their own volition as a reaction against what they see as Facebooks privacy invasion and the problems Facebook use can cause for themselves and their peers. They were in fact taking up Twitter! And many of them seemed to be drifting over to Google+

The teacher also indicated that the students that are opting out of Facebook tend to be the more “politically minded” in his estimation, and this has certainly been my own experience with my own 15yr old son, deactivating his account last week, because he finds Facebook intrusive overly commercial, annoying and unnecessary.

Kids don’t like it when their mums dads and grandparents are hopping on their toys….maybe Facebook will cease to be “cool” quite soon.

At a recent privacy settings workshop for parents one participant deleted her Facebook account on the spot when I showed her how. It was after I explained the many many ways Facebook is using our data. She just didn’t want to deal with it all, who can blame her. 

I am wondering if  disabling Facebook Accounts is trending? Facebook usage is dropping, are people just getting fed up with the repercussions of posting private content.

Awareness of where this is all leading is only really starting to be understood. If I had a dollar for every client who gawped goggled eyed when I showed them what their child or they themselves are sharing with the world….

Have you seen any backlash lately? Let us know in comments.

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