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Should You Upgrade To Apple Lion Now, Or Wait?

Mac OS X Lion Review

Todays Digital Breezes Podcast is about Apple Lion, the latest operating system from Apple Macintosh. I invited Journalist Alex Kidman onto the show to give us his review. I asked Alex, to tell us what he thinks is great about Lion, and what he thinks is not. Also should we upgrade to Lion now or […]

One Of The Most Stupid Decisions I’ve Ever Made!

The First Apple Mac computer in Australia

  Edit: 6/10/2011 R.I.P Steve Jobs A lot of you are visiting this page for pictures of the first Apple Mac After Steve Job’s Death (I downloaded this picture as a creative commons picture from flickr by the way, its NOT my picture) As a Mac Fan girl I’d just like to say how grateful […]

How To Get Control Of Your Bloated Email Inbox!

Use smart folders for apple mail

Does your email inbox look like Hoarders Heaven? Do you fear getting sucked into the evil email quagmire of your inbox and never finding your way out! Confession time….how many of your emails are unread, do people constantly re-email you several times wondering if you are ignoring them? Do important emails end up in spam […]

Save Money on iPad/iPhone 3G Combo!

iPad iPhone Personal Hotspot WiFi internet Connection

As a Social Media and Tech consultant for women in small business I can help you to find some great solutions to get working more efficiently and faster whilst saving you $$$ by making sure you don’t buy anything you don’t really need. See my Services page for more great ways I can save you […]